"Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God."
Matthew 4:4


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Devotional Archives

TODAY'S WORD FOR Thursday, May 17, 2018:



To feel sorrow or remorse for an act, fault or failure.




When Judas had betrayed Jesus and saw that He was condemned, he was seized with remorse and returned the thirty pieces of silver to the chief priests and the elders. I have sinned, he said, for I have betrayed innocent blood.
Matthew 27:3.



Most people could write a book about all the times that they regretted something they said or did. Most often we regret what we said or did to someone after we have left them, but the damage has already been done. Once an offense has been committed it cannot be undone. Regret is devastating to our peace of mind. Regret brings grief to our soul.

In Matthew 27:3 is one of the best illustrations of regret found in the Bible. When Judas understood what he had done he so deeply regretted it he went to the chief priests and elders and returned the money he had received for taking the officials to Jesus. Judas, by returning the money, wanted to undo what he had done.

Judas hoped his confession and his profession that Jesus was innocent would change the minds of the chief priests and the elders. But it was too late; his thoughtless actions of betrayal had already set in motion the consequences of what he had done.

Every day we make choices and who we are and what we are develops out of the choices we make in life. We choose what we do, where we go, who we talk to, what we read and what we watch. All of our choices have consequences, either positive or negative, on our lives.

Before we make decisions we need to think before we act. It is our nature to want immediate gratification of our selfish desires and if that is our motive we will make bad decisions that we will regret later.

When we make a decision in our life that is in disobedience to God’s laws it will bring consequences that will cause us to regret what we have done. God never makes us do anything. He gives us freedom to choose what we do, but He is always waiting for us to ask for guidance and help to make the right decisions.

Judas regretted his decision to betray Jesus. Regret is never enough. In the situation that Judas was in he went to the wrong people to set things right. Judas should have repented and sought forgiveness from Jesus. Jesus had foreknowledge that Judas would betray Him but Judas acted by his own choosing to lead the representatives of the High Priest to Jesus to arrest Him. God has given us the freedom to choose condemnation for our sins or ask for forgiveness. We can choose the despair of regret and death or we can choose forgiveness and eternal life.

It is never too late to seek forgiveness. The thief on the cross while he was dying regretted his sins, repented, and turned to Jesus and asked Jesus to forgive him. Jesus assured him of his salvation at that very moment (Luke 23:43). If you choose to ask Jesus to forgive you of those things you regret doing he will forgive you at that very moment.

Judas’s betrayal sent Jesus to the cross to guarantee our forgiveness for every sinful act we regret we ever committed. What do you choose? Do you choose to accept Jesus’ free gift of salvation or do you choose to betray Jesus?



Our memory verse for this week is found in Philippians 4:6.

Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God.



Lord, I come to You asking You to lead me and guide me in every decision I need to make today. Help me to evaluate all the consequences of my decisions and keep from doing things I will regret.  Give me wisdom so that I can see what You would want me to do. I regret and confess my sins of disobedience to You and ask for Your forgiveness.

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