"Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God."
Matthew 4:4


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Devotional Archives

TODAY'S WORD FOR Monday, April 02, 2018:



Enthusiastic and diligent devotion; eagerness; enthusiasm; diligence.




Then he said, “Come with me and see my zeal for the Lord.”
II Kings 10:16.



The verse we have put above concerns Jehu who was anointed king of Israel by the prophet Elisha. After Elisha anointed Jehu to become king he gave him instructions from God. Elisha told Jehu that he was to destroy all the household of Ahab, the wicked king of Israel (II Kings 9:7). Jehu was chosen by God to fulfill the prophecy of Elijah found in I Kings 21:7 that all of Ahab’s descendants would be destroyed because of the many sins of Ahab against God and because he killed God’s prophets.

Elijah’s prophecy was made 20 years earlier. King Ahab and Queen Jezebel had been zealous, according to the scriptures, in killing God’s prophets. Jehu was appointed by God to be His avenger for the murders of these faithful prophets. This is a reminder to us that those who sin against God will in due time be punished for their sins.

Jehu set out immediately to fulfill his commission from God. After killing all of Ahab’s family in Jezreel he set out for Samaria to kill the rest of Ahab’s family. On the way he met Jehonadab, the scriptures tell us, who was zealous in following the Lord.

Jehu asked him if he was in agreement with what he (Jehu) had to do. He responded favorably so was invited to ride in the chariot with Jehu. Jehu said to Jehonadab, “Come with me and see my zeal for the Lord.” When God directs us to do something it is important that we respond and do whatever God has told us with zeal, but more importantly to do it with the guidance of God.

As a result of Jehu doing what God asked of him with zeal, we read in II Kings 10:30 that God said to Jehu, “Because you have done well in accomplishing what is right in my eyes and done to the house of Ahab all that I had in mind to do, your children to the fourth generation shall sit on the throne of Israel.” God honored His promise to Jehu and it was fulfilled. God always honors those that show zeal in serving Him.

Yes, Jehu was zealous in wiping out the idolatrous worship of Baal in Israel (II Kings 10:28) and God rewarded him for it. Sadly, while Jehu was zealously obedient to God in destroying the idols of Baal in Israel, he failed in his own life to keep God’s law wholeheartedly and God punished him by giving Israel’s land east of the Jordan to Syria. God rewards our obedience but He also punishes us for our disobedience.

How many people do you know that you would say show real zeal for being obedient to God? What about yourself? Do you have a daily zeal to serve the Lord like Jehu did? The Lord desires us as believers to have zeal for obeying that motivates us for action.

If we are excited about our faith and looking forward to the soon return of Jesus to take us to heaven, it should be expected that we would show excitement and zeal in demonstrating our obedience to the Lord. True zeal for the Lord must be accompanied by obedience. When we show true zeal for the Lord and honor Him in all we do, He will honor us.



Our memory verse for this week is found in Mark 16:15.

And He said unto them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.”



Give me and my family a new zeal for You today. Help us to get excited about what You have done for us and help us to be zealous in serving You. May the light of our salvation shine brightly through our walk and talk drawing others to You.

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