"Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God."
Matthew 4:4


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Devotional Archives

TODAY'S WORD FOR Monday, August 10, 2020:



A person who frequently associates with or accompanies another; a person in a long-term close relationship with another.




I am a companion of all who fear You, and of those who keep Your precepts.
Psalm 119:63.

And I urge you also, true companion, and help these women who labored with me in the gospel.
Philippians 4:3.



In today’s world with all the conveniences of modern transportation we have been privileged to meet many people across our world. Truly the world has shrunk and this has allowed us so many more opportunities to gain friends, acquaintances and even companions.

All of us have many acquaintances, a good number of friends but very few companions. Acquaintances are those we have met but possibly do not know very well. Friends are those we know well and have a favorable relationship with. Companions are those we have a close relationship with and spend the most time with. Teenagers say today that these are the ones that they “hang out” with. Companions have the same interests and values that give them a common bond. A true companion will stand by you and can be counted on for support in times of need.

No matter how self sufficient someone feels, we all have a need for a companion. This is why God instituted marriage because He said that man needed a companion. Marriages that put Christ first in their relationships are marriages that have spouses that share a common bond and this provides a solid foundation for their family. When God is in the marriage the spouses will be true companions.

Children today look for companions. Parents have the responsibility to lead their children to choose the right companions.  When our children went anywhere without one of us, we made sure that we knew where they were going and with whom they were going. We always encouraged them to go with a trustworthy friend, a companion that would always be there for them. This also gave us assurance as parents that our child would not be alone.

The choices of companions can affect ones lifestyle and standards for a lifetime, so this is a vital challenge parents have with their children, especially in today’s world. Parents do not always know who their children are spending time with.

Jesus wants to be our companion every day in all of our activities. He does not want us to be alone and being with us as a companion gives us the confidence and boldness to live a life honoring the Lord.

In Philippians 4:3 (above) Paul uses the term “true companion.” In another translation it reads “loyal yokefellow.” A true or loyal companion is someone we can rely on in good and bad times. These words describe the close relationship Paul had with the believers in the church at Philippi, and for that reason Paul could call on them. Paul was concerned for the women who had labored with him when he was with them. Now he is hearing that they were having problems so he wanted to alert his true companions in the church to share his concern for these women and help them on Paul’s behalf.

Through out the scriptures we have many illustrations where Jesus and His disciples required believers, as true companions, to help those in need. This included the widows, the orphans, the homeless, the sick and the needy.

Being a companion is more than just being a daily friend to another person. It is the giving of yourself to meet their needs. As believers we need to be companions to others to show them through our words and actions that Jesus is our companion and will be their COMPANION who is always available to them if they know Him personally.



Our memory verse for this week is found in Psalm 102:17.

He regards the prayer of the destitute and does not despise their prayer.



Thank You for being my COMPANION through out this day. Give me the confidence to walk the walk and talk the talk honoring You every moment of the day. I ask for Your direction as I lead my children and grand-children today. May they put their total trust in You and rely on You as their true companion throughout this day.

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