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II Timothy 3:16

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“But he who has mercy on the poor, happy is he.”

Proverbs 14:21


Ministries and Services Provided by World Bible Society
Dr. Ken Phillips, Ministry Director



Our Present Bible Programs

Our Ministry Programs - World Bible Society has many far reaching Bible programs, including:
Children's Russian Bible Project: A beautifully illustrated full color children's Bible printed in Russian.
Jewish Scripture Project: A 48 page booklet.
Bible Bundle Project: Sending Bibles in bundles of ten.

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Printing and Distribution of God's Word -  World Bible Society has printed and distributed:
More than ten million Bibles in Russian
More than three million Bibles in other countries and languages
More than twenty million full color illustrated New Testaments
Three and a half million Jewish Scriptures in Hebrew, Russian, and English
More than twenty-five million booklets, tracts, brochures, and pamphlets
Bible Institute of the Air and World Report - The Bible Institute of the Air was founded in 1954 as a Radio Ministry. The daily radio broadcast aired world-wide, hosted by Dr. F. Kenton Beshore, features a daily analysis of current events as they relate to Biblical prophecy.
The Bible Institute of the Air and World Report has:
Made more than fifteen thousand radio broadcasts
Taught virtually every single book of the Bible
Broadcast to every country in the world
Been on the air every day since 1954
Spent more than twenty million dollars on radio broadcast air time
Given free Bible Correspondence courses

Click here to view radio/video broadcasts from World Bible Society

Prophecy Tools and Bible Studies - As a result of the events of our day that we read about and see on TV, all of us have concerns about domestic and international terrorism plus the events of these last days. We have books, tapes CD's and DVD's available to help you understand how God's Word coincides with the events of the day. Click here for more information.

The Hunger Solution: Feeding Programs - We provide boxes of food and a Bible to inner city poor children and their families across America. Thousands of families in the United States live far below the poverty level and some cannot even afford one meal a day. We also provide food seed to families in third world countries and then teach them how to plant, nurture, cultivate, and harvest their crops of food to feed their families. Click here for more information.
Rock of Africa Mission - An interdenominational Christian mission of the World Bible Society, bringing hope to the struggling people of sub-Sahara Africa. A plague of disease, fear, and death is consuming the region and hope is in short supply. The Rock of Africa Mission provides food, clothing, medicine, education to children orphaned by the death of both parents to HIV/AIDS. We also support pastors, schools, vocational training and programs, and comfort to the sick and dying. Click here for more information.

Fight Malaria - We fight MALARIA in countries like Zimbabwe, Tanzania, and South Africa by providing anti-mosquito bed nets. The treated nets we provide will cover two children for one year. Click here for more information.

Clean Water Initiative - Our CLEAN WATER INITIATIVE provides water in the most efficient way to meet the needs of a given village or community. More than one billion people do not have access to clean water today and over then million die annually from diseases relating to unsafe drinking water. Click here for more information.



"Greetings of Christian love to you. I want to personally thank you again for your support of helping us with materials. With these materials the Lord will move mightily through the ministry and we will be able to accomplish some assignments God has given us. We look forward to receiving the materials. The Lord God will honour your partnership with this ministry. So expect his blessings! Remember Jesus is Lord! Psalm 119:105 say that the word of God is a lamp of understanding that God uses to direct his people through life."

 BJ, Pastor. Faith Bible Ministry
BJ Benin City, Nigeria


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"Thank you for your support!" - Mrs. Lois Beshore, Ministry President and Dr. Ken Phillips, Ministry Director


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